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The golden rule of marketing is - the more visible your product or service is, the greater are the chances that people will purchase it. The human eye is trained to notice things in motion better than things that are static. Such, the concept and succes behind flying banners.


Aerial Advertising is one of the most effective methods of advertising available and is a unique way to highlight a brand or message. The target audience is not only vast but sustainable with an engagement time of over 37 seconds per viewer.  



Studies reveal that if banners are kept flying in the sky for a half hour, they can bring the attention of 88% more people towards them than land banners do.  Amazingly, 79% of people will recall what brand or product the banner was promoting.  Making aerial advertising a truly effective platform.  

Personal Messages

Aerial Advertising isn't only for the business minded.  In a world where everything and anything has been tried, airplane advertising is the most innovative way by which you can express your feelings.  Aerial Signs gives you the fame of a lifetime for everyone to see, plus the audacity that goes with it.  Do you want to show how much you love your significant other?  Wish someone special a happy birthday?  Ask him/her to marry you?  Then try Aerial Advertising for a memory that is unforgettable!


* Rates are dependent on length of time over the target audience.  


* Long term contracts available offering substantial savings


* Discount for longer or repetitive flights


* We use standard, highly visible red letters and punctuation, with a choice of 5-foot or 7-foot.



* Assembly, launch and recovery of the banner are included.


* No charge for flight time to/from the target site/s.


* Firm fixed all-inclusive prices assure you get your message delivered with no surprise costs.


Please call, text or email for specific pricing


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